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  • Scot Roots
    Scot Roots is a Scottish ancestor search service which enlivens family trees with historic photographs of people and places, and provides large-scale maps to help pinpoint the ancestral clan or family home. Scot Roots : for free Scottish ancestor searches.

  • Commission a detailed family history.
    Are you looking for a detailed Scottish family history? Then this is the site for you!! We work on a fixed commission basis at very competitive rates. We take personal pride in producing professional reports and customer satisfaction is our absolute number one priority.

  • Scottish Genealogy
    Check out this selection of sites which offer genealogy services to people with Scottish roots.

  • Ar Turas Genealogy and Research
    Ancestry research throughout Scotland using statutory certificates, old parish registers,census returns and many other records. Unique Genealogy Plus service with full cultural context.

  • Scottish Family Trace - genealogy search
    Genealogical research and family trace service for Scottish families, ancestors and descendants.

  • Scottish Roots Ancestral Research Service
    Trace your Scottish Family Tree and Ancestor's History with Scotland's top Researchers - now in their 21st year!


  • Scottish Roots Ancestral Research Service
    Scotland's foremost genealogical researchers. Established in 1984, Scottish Roots have undertaken over 10,000 full investigations for Scots all over the world. Featured in The Scotsman, Scots Magazine, Sunday Times, BBC Scotland, STV.

  • Our Scots Genealogy Research
    We are a friendly Scottish Genealogy Research service based near Edinburgh where the records are held. We can supply your Report in various elegant options, including a hand-bound book. Contact us to discuss your requirements further.

  • Scottish Family Heritage
    Scottish Family Heritage provides Hand-coloured reproduction prints of pre 20th century Scotland, with a bias towards Edinburgh.

  • Scottish Ancestor
    We are a professional and friendly team who will research your family history, find your ancestors and look for living relatives.

  • Scottish Ancestor
    Would you like to know more about your Scottish Ancestors? Family Trees researched,Photographs of where they lived or information on Scottish places.

  • Genealogy, Photo Slideshows to DVD
    My site is about Tracing Your Family History and giving a service that researches Generational Family Tree and putting photos of the Generations onto DVD.

  • Scottish Family History Research
    Imchad Ancestry is based in Dumfries, the 'Queen of the South', from here we have access to a vast collection of local sources plus weekly visits to Edinburgh's New Register House and National Archives of Scotland.

  • Scottish Forebears
    Scottish Forebears offer family tracing services toScots worldwide. We can research your Scottish family history, enabling you to identify your Scottish clans and tartans, or help you trace living Scottish relatives.

  • Scottish Ancestors
    A professional genealogical research service based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

  • Scottish Genealogy Help
    Research undertaken in the National Archives of Scotland, Rare Manuscripts section of the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh City Archives and New Register House. Transcription of diaries, letters and documents in Old Scots offered

  • My Ain Folk - Transcription Service
    Problems with old handwriting? Let My Ain Folk transcribe your hard-to-read old Scottish documents. Our service is designed specifically for family historians.

  • Scottish Genealogy
    Professional service based in Fife which will help trace the "route to your roots". We will research where your ancestors lived/were buried.

  • Ancestral Scotland
    A photography service for those with Scottish ancestors - we travel anywhere in Scotland to photograph your chosen location to complement your family tree.

  • Scottish Documents
    Provides free access to an index of 350,000 Scottish Wills and Testaments from 1500-1875. High quality colour digital images are available for purchase online.

  • All About Scotland
    Text based website giving historical accounts of the Scottish people and nation. Includes genealogy info and search facilities.

  • Soaring To Greater Knowledge
    Welcome to Soaring to Greater Knowledge where you will find a Library of HTML, PSP, and JavaScript tutorial links as well as a Library of Scottish Genealogy links. Hey don't forget to check out the Freebies..... :^)

Sub-categories: : Scottish Genealogy Page 2 : Family Crests : Family Sites : Regional

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